Loyalty & Gift

loyalty and gift program

Donum et Fidelitas

Attract new customers, encourage repeat business, increase revenue, and reward regular patrons using custom gift & loyalty programs.

Gift Cards



Loyalty Cards

included w/ talech Standard & Premium

Loyalty & Gift Features

Template Designs

Suppress your set-up costs by using one of many contemporary pre-designed card style templates.

Custom Designed Cards

Promote your brand, and distinguish yourself from the competition with a unique design tailored to your business.

Admin Dashboard

Control how cards are purchased, redeemed, reloaded, and other program settings from your dashboard. 

Value Transfer

Already have an existing program? Transfer unissued cards at no cost and issued cards for pennies on the dollar.

Turn-Key Implementation

No complex installation — works right away with a compatible POS, including terminals, PIN pads and tablet solutions.

eCommerce Integration

Our ecommerce friendly program allow customers to send gift cards via email and use gift cards online.

Reporting & Analytics

Measure program metrics thru reporting & analytics dashboard while capturing customer data for future offers.

Real-Time Redemption

Automatically track loyalty points and present rewards and offers that can be instantly redeemed at checkout.

Branded Member Site

Customers can register, track rewards progress, and manage preferences through your branded member website.